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Our Trekkies

Talia Bierschwale

I do buildOn because:

"I love giving back and touching

the lives of those in my community

who are in need"

Julia Dubnoff

Favorite buildOn Memory:

DJ-ing the music at the

Halloween party this year

Rob Fleur

Favorite Song:

Chanel by Frank Ocean

Jason Harmon

Fun Fact:

"I breakdanced for seven years but quit because I am laughably uncoordinated"

Noah Lipsitz

I do buildOn because:

"I feel like it's my responsibility to

give back to the world we take

so much from"

Charlotte Morales

Favorite buildOn Memory;

Going to the JCHAI gala where they didn't give us food until 9:30 pm

Annika Naveen

Favorite Song:

Right Back by Khalid ft A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Lucas Oberdiek

Favorite buildOn Memory:

"Mr. Reed cutting off my finger at the Cynwyd Trail"

Damian Omar

Nothing -> this lad simply decided to not respond to my email thanks Damian

Christian Owusu

Fun Fact:

"I auditioned for Simba on Broadway when I was six!"

Charlotte Paul

Favorite Song:

Weekend by Mac 

Miller ft Miguel

Emily Shang

Favorite buildOn Memory:

"Giving the JRA boxes to

local residents and seeing the

smiles on their faces

Esther Werbach

Nothing -> This girlie also decided not to respond big whoops oh well

Emmi Wu

Favorite buildOn Memory:

Merion Cultural Heritage Night

Camille Vanderveer

I do buildOn because...

"I have a passion for service, and love spending time helping others and working with such great people!"

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