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Josh and Friend
Sarah and friend
Sara and host dad
Tavern Completed Photo
Tavern School

The 2012 Haiti Trek Team

John Snyder

Favorite Subject in School:


Julia Kramer-Golinkoff

"Education is the most important factor in changing children’s lives for the better."

Anna O'Neill

"I can't wait to go!"

Elyssa Clausen

"I am most excited to live in a house with the Haitian villages and be able to make a close connection with them."

Jammie McGee

"I am really looking forward to a lifetime opportunity to make a real difference in the world."

Gio Hudock-Alston

BuildOn Officer Position:

President of Sponsorships

Josh Metzman

"It now really excites me to participate in such a tedious and unique program as Trek."

Maddie Guss

"I believe in what BuildOn does wholeheartedly: to help impoverished people by spreading education."

Meghan Hirsch

Extracurricular Activities:

BuildOn and Dance

Leslie Rothstein


Nancy Wu

Fun Fact:

Nancy went to Princeton for college.

Efi Narliotis

"When the chance to build a school in a developing nation presented itself, I knew I had to be a part of it."

Charlotte Smith

Favorite Activities:

Guitar, Photography, Polynesian Dance, Surfing, Growing Mango Trees

Divya Arya

"I want to bring education to the children of Haiti. I want to give them the means to have more opportunities. I want to bring change."

Adam Cohen-Nowak 

" I want to spread education to those who need the most."

Benji Pollock

Sport Activities:

Biking, rowing, running, swimming, ultimate frisbee

Sara Kramer

Favorite Ice Cream:


Sarah Schelling

Sarah Shelling sells sea shells...

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