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The 2017 Nepal Trek Team

Sophie Kamplain
Liz Paul

"It’s so cool that you can have that much affect on a stranger’s life, and create such a positive change in the world."

Catherine Reed

Fun Fact:

Catherine went on this trek with her dad

Samantha Ander

"A change like a school, even for a small group of people, is huge."

Sean O'Kelly

Favorite Movie:

Good Wil Hunting

Jenna Mancuso

"Building the school and giving these kids an education they deserve is something close to extraordinary."

Josephine Blumencwejg

Favorite Movie:

The Son of a Rambow

Lilly McClendon

Favorite Movie:

The Secret Life of Pets

Kelsey Stanton

"I’m excited to have the opportunity to experience a new culture."

Luke Howey

"I am honored to try and break the cycle of poverty through education."

Sara Chiappardi

"Yeah, I'm free Thursday."

Samantha Gaier

Least Favorite Food:

Peanut butter

Anna Goodman

Favorite Movie:

She's the Man

Gabby Van Hollander

Coffee or Tea?


Leah Owen-Oliner

Yearly service hour record holder with 348 hours in one year.

Madi Canter

Favorite BuildOn Memory:

Jane Addams Event

Mollie Katzen

"I am so excited to see the transformation the village and the people will go through."


"Trek means changing the lives of others while changing my own life"

Sophie Kamplain

"Not everyone gets to do this and I am so blessed to have this great opportunity."

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