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What types of service projects do we do?

All kinds!  There is a great diversity of service we provide. We do things like working with local parks to clean up our neighborhood, hanging out with friends at an elderly assisted living residence, spending time with elementary and middle schoolers for tutoring, and so much more. Where ever your interests in providing service lie, buildOn has a project for you! 

When do service projects take place?

Just about every day.  There are weekly projects like our tutoring program at Bethel Academy, monthly projects with organizations like the Jewish Relief Agency, and “one-time” projects where we support important events of organizations like Emily’s Entourage. Check the calendar to see what projects are happening right now!

Do I need a permission slip?

Yes! All of our trips are considered school field trips so you need a permission slip. The only exception are our weekly projects like main line school night, bethel tutoring, the hearth at drexel, etc. You only need a slip the first time you go for those projects.

Will there be transportation?

Maybe, it depends on the project.  If the project is at the high school or located within our school district, we usually ask members to provide their own transportation or carpool. For events that require a considerable travel distance or might raise safety concerns, we schedule school busses. You can find out if your specific event has transportation by clicking the event on our calendar and then clicking "add to my google calendar". There will be a description with transportation details there.

Is there anything I should bring to a project?

You’ll always need a parent/guardian signed permission slip.  You can hand the permission slip in early or the day of the project.  
Make sure to dress appropriately for each project.  If we’re working outdoors, follow the weather forecasts and dress for comfort and protection.  If we’re working at an event where there is a dress code, we’ll always give you the details.   
If it’s a long day, bring snacks and even a lunch.  Organizations will often feed us, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan.  Bringing a water bottle is also a good idea.

How can I stay updated with buildOn?

There are several ways:
1. This website!  Go to the buildOn calendar to find the dates, times, descriptions, and permission slips for each service project.
2.  Weekly buildOn meetings.  buildOn meetings are held each Tuesday, in the LGI, during the second Lunch and Learn.  During meetings, we’ll give information and prepare for upcoming service projects and other fun things.
3.  Through e-mail.  E-mails are out each week, updating members on upcoming service projects and how they can participate in them. You can sign up for the email list by going to the member's page and clicking "join buildOn". You will get a slip that you can turn in to Mr. Reed.

What organizations does buildOn LM work with?

The better question would be “Who don’t we work with?”!  Check              to see all the amazing organizations we work with throughout the year.

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