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2018 Nepal Trek Pic

The 2018 Nepal Trek Team

David Lu

Code Name:

The Turtle

Nuala O'Neill

"Every single person is important because they provide service day in and day out."

Izzy Bruckman

Favorite TV Show:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Ethan Schatz

"Hey, do you have a pencil I could use?"

Natasha Hewitt

"BuildOn means a community coming together for the greater good"

Roee Zarom

"For me, BuildOn gives me an outlet back into my community."

Abby Strongin

Favorite Font:


Sophie Roth

Favorite BuildOn Memory:

Every single JRA project ever

Karli Yenal

"I love the opportunities and memories I gain from volunteering."

Jess Gordon

"BuildOn means helping other people, which means the world to me."

Claire Dalinka

Code Name:


Grace Fenlin

"Hey everyone!"

Clare Gonzales

Favorite Picture Book:

Go Dog Go

Shannon Rudek

"BuildOn is it’s own little, or actually quite large, family and I am proud to call myself a part of it."

Eve Bickle

"To me, BuildOn means to me creating and providing hope where there is none."

Audrey Knoll

Favorite Dessert:

Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream

Bruno Kraidy

"Oh, hi. I didn't see you there"

Nicole Loonstyn

"There is no better feeling than leaving buildOn events, knowing I helped people that needed it."

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