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Our Trekkies

Alexis Duong

I do buildOn because:

"I love to give back to the community and changing the future is one of my top priorities"

Jason Castello

Favorite buildOn Memory: buildOn Halloween party

Maya Kraidy

Favorite movie:

National Treasure

Teresa Cato

I do buildOn because of:

"The relationships with people of all different backgrounds and that you're helping them and they're helping you"

Siobhan Brannigan

Favorite Movie:

The Addams Family Values

Jackie Munis

Favorite buildOn Memory:

Bethel Tutoring

Alice Rickards

I do buildOn because...

"I've always valued service and felt a desire and need to give back"

Lily McClendon

Favorite Movie:

The new Ghostbusters

Aviva Kosto

I do buildOn because:

"I think it provides an easier way to get involved both locally and abroad"

Jon Goldstein

Favorite buildOn Memory:

Carrying a tree at Merion Botanical with Joey Calaman

Sophia Bumbera

Favorite buildOn Memory:


Jess Polsky

Favorite Movie:


Ella Catt

Favorite Movie:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Lena Rutzel

Favorite buildOn Memory:

I was on the bus when I found out that I was going on trek, and I screamed and ran off the bus

Sydney Pelletier

I do buildOn because...

"I think it's something we all enjoy and it has a positive impact on the people around us"

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