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This page will change depending on the time of year. Right now, the trek team has already been chosen and the members are in the process of fundraising and getting ready for trek in April. The one things that always stays the same is that you can ask questions on anything, so make suggestions for future page updates.

What is trek?

Trek is a buildOn program that allows members to travel to a developing nation, immerse themselves in the local culture while living with a host family, and build a primary school alongside community members in order to provide education for the local children.

What are the requirements to participate in trek?

The requirements to go on trek are minimal, but necessary: a valid and updated passport, completion of all of the medical and legal paperwork provided by buildOn, attainment of fundraising benchmarks to pay for construction/living/travel expenses, and attendance of trek meetings throughout the school year.

How much does trek cost to take part in?

Each trek member is responsible for raising $3,500-5,000. Historically, however, members have been able to raise all necessary money, meaning there has been little to cost for families.

Where & when is trek this year?

This year's trek it taking place in Nepal from Saturday, April 6th, to Tuesday, April 16th.

Still have questions?

Send them to us here!

Thanks! Message sent.

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